10cc - Dreadlock Holiday

10cc – Dreadlock Holiday

Suggestions Header Rui Cardo¬†Suggestions¬†presenta grandi classici e perle nascoste, versioni ufficiali e¬†live¬†ricercati. Enjoy! ūüėČ AdSense 10cc – Dreadlock Holiday Song “Dreadlock Holiday” is a¬†reggae¬†song by¬†10cc. Written by¬†Eric Stewart¬†and¬†Graham Gouldman, it was the lead single from the band’s 1978 album,¬†Bloody Tourists.¬†Lead vocals were performed by¬†Graham Gouldman¬†(verse and chorus) and¬†Eric Stewart¬†(bridge). Composition The song was based on real events¬†Eric Stewart¬†and¬†Moody Blues¬†vocalist¬†Justin Hayward¬†experienced in¬†Barbados. Stewart changed the location to Jamaica.¬†Graham Gouldman¬†commented: “Some of the experiences that are mentioned […]