Yello – Oh Yeah

Yello - Oh Yeah

Perle Dimenticabili tira fuori pezzi deprecabili e assurdi, trovati conservati, per strani motivi, nel mio personale etere.

Vediamo oggi cosa esce fuori... 🙂

Yello - Oh Yeah

Un sound che non può che far ritornare in mente le atmosfere piacione degli anni 80 🙂

Ferris Bueller <3 docet ... la musica in questione è in sottofondo mentre Matthew Broderick (e da li in poi farà da sottofondo al suo lascito, da altri eighties movies ai cinepanettoni nostrani) giganteggia sullo schermo con charme adolescenziale dopo aver concluso avventure pervase da una spensieratezza tipica e unica di quegli anni.

P.S. Ma solo a me uno del duo svizzero sembra Stan Lee? 😀


"Oh Yeah" is a single released in 1985 by the Swiss band Yello and featured on their album Stella. The song features a mix of electronic music and manipulated vocals. The song gained popularity after being featured in the films Ferris Bueller's Day Off and The Secret of My Success, among other films. It has become an iconic anthem of the 1980s, and used to metaphorically represent lust (in various forms) and cocaine. It is a popular staple in movies, television and commercials.

Its 1987 re-released version features the extra lyrics: "such a good time / a really good time".



Describing the composition of "Oh Yeah," Blank said,

"First I did the music and then I invited Dieter to sing along, and he came up with some lines which I thought, 'no Dieter, it's too complicated, we don't need that many lyrics'. I had the idea of just this guy, a fat little monster sits there very relaxed and says, "Oh yeah, oh yeah".

So I told him, 'Why don't you try just to sing on and on 'oh yeah'?... Dieter was very angry when I told him this and he said, 'are you crazy, all the time "Oh yeah"? Are you crazy?! I can't do this, no no, come on, come on.' And then he said, 'some lyrics, like "the moon... beautiful", is this too much?!' and I said,

'no, it's OK', and then he did this 'oh yeah' and at the end he thought, 'yeah it's nice', he loved it himself also. And also I wanted to install lots of human noises, all kind of phonetic rhythms with my mouth; you hear lots of noises in the background which are done with my mouth."


Gli Yello sono un gruppo musicale svizzero.

In Europa hanno riscosso successo a partire dalla metà degli anni ottanta con i singoli Oh Yeah e The Racecanzoni utilizzate anche in spot e programmi televisivi.


Ferris Bueller’s Day Off

The Race

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