Yvonne Chaka Chaka – Umqombothi

Yvonne Chaka Chaka - Umqombothi - Hotel Rwanda

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Yvonne Chaka Chaka - Umqombothi

Simpatica canzone africana dedicata alla loro più famosa birra, la Umqombothi che al contrario delle birre provenienti da orzo e luppolo viene invece da mais e sorgo. I motivi sono chiaramente economici e producono una birra con una gradazione alcolica veramente bassa. La canzone fa parte della colonna sonora di Hotel Rwanda.


"Umqombothi" ("African Beer"; Xhosa pronunciation: [um̩k͡ǃomboːtʰi] ) is a song famously performed by South African singer Yvonne Chaka Chaka. It was composed by Sello "Chicco" Twala and Attie van Wyk.

Umqombothi, in Xhosa, is a beer commonly found in South Africa made from maize, maize maltsorghum malt, yeast and water.

Hotel Rwanda featured "Umqombothi" in the beginning of the film.

Umqombothi (Xhosa pronunciation: [um̩k͡ǃomboːtʰi] ), from the Xhosa and Zulu language, is a beer made from maize (corn), maize maltsorghum malt, yeast and water. It is commonly found in South Africa. It is very rich in Vitamin B. The beer has a rather low alcohol content (usually less than 3%) and is known to have a heavy and distinctly sour aroma. In appearance, the beer is opaque and light tan in colour. It has a thick, creamy and gritty consistency (from the maize).

Umqombothi is cheaper than commercial lager beers, that are brewed from barley and flavoured with hops flowers.


Yvonne Chaka Chaka (born Yvonne Machaka in 1965) is an internationally recognised South African singer, songwriter, entrepreneur, humanitarian and teacher. Dubbed the "Princess of Africa" (a name she received after a 1990 tour), Chaka Chaka has been at the forefront of South African popular music for 27 years and has been popular in ZimbabweKenyaGabonSierra Leone and Ivory Coast.

Songs like "I'm Burning Up", "Thank You Mr Dj", "I Cry For Freedom", "Motherland" and the ever-popular "Umqombothi" ("African Beer") ensured Yvonne's stardom. The song "Umqombothi" was featured in the opening scene of the 2004 movie Hotel Rwanda.



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