Albin Lee Meldau – Bloodshot

Albin Lee Meldau - Bloodshot

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Albin Lee Meldau - Bloodshot


Bloodshot è una canzone di Albin Lee Meldau uscita nel 2017 e fa parte dell'omonimo EP.


Albin Lee Meldau (born February 8, 1988) is a Swedish singer, songwriter and musician. He self-released his debut EP, Lovers, in 2016 with help from producer Björn Yttling (of Peter Bjorn and John).

Later that year, Albin signed to Astralwerks, who re-released his Lovers EP, and in 2017 released the follow-up Bloodshot EP.

In 2017, Albin was named by NPR Music as one of their must-see artists at that year's SXSW, and featured as part of their Tiny Desk Concert series. NPR Music described his voice as "breathtaking, soulful, thunderous and impossible to ignore".

He was previously part of a band called the Magnolia.

His debut album, About You, was released on 1 June 2018. In 2018, he appeared on Så mycket bättre, which is broadcast on TV4. On 8 May 2020, Meldau released the first EP out of two, called På svenska (Sida A).



East London's not a bomb site
It is a treasure chest
We use our penguin costumes
More than our evening dress
She said I should come over
Though the music's not my type
Don't you know I'd chop a limb off
Just to have a good time

Shut up and move with me, move with me, or, or get out of my face
I didn't queue for an hour to leave straight away
Shut up and stay with me, stay with me, or, or let go of my hand
The lasers fill our minds with empty plans
I never knew I was a techno fan

This is not a weird weekend
It's an angry wormhole
I'm talking like a city boy
And drinking with a northern soul
She said I should come over
Though it's carnage at times
It still seems I'd chop a limb off
Before I put up a fight


We are the 1980s
We are the Detroit lights
And I never wanna, I never wanna see this stop
I'm in debt to you
But don't feed me plant food

I never knew I was a techno fan (x2)


Quando arriverà la mattina?
Mentre mi appendo ad asciugare.
La lacrima scende davanti a me,
Sei il motivo per cui piango.

Qualcun altro verrà.
Quando il mio cuore si asciuga.
Abbiamo tutti bisogno di qualcuno su cui appoggiarci.
Per asciugare gli occhi iniettati di sangue.

Sdraiato nel mio letto, ho bisogno di qualcosa
Piango nel mio letto, temo qualcosa
Sdraiato nel mio letto, ho bisogno di qualcosa
Sei tu.

Ma mi chiedo
Se c'è qualcuno di nuovo.
Sì, mi chiedo
Disteso accanto a te.
Sì, mi chiedo
C'è qualcuno di nuovo?
Vicino a te.

Mi preoccupo per te, piccola
Sarò lì, per favore.
Vedi questo sotto il peso ora.
Ma stai guidando verso casa,
Tremano le foglie.

Sdraiato nel mio letto ho bisogno di qualcosa
Piango nel mio letto temo qualcosa
Sdraiato nel mio letto ho bisogno di qualcosa
Sei tu.



Adesso lo so,
Adesso lo so.



Live 2016