Band Of Horses – Laredo

Band Of Horses - Laredo

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Band Of Horses - Laredo


"Laredo" is the second single taken from Band of Horses' third album Infinite Arms, which was released on April 13, 2010. The song peaked #34 on the US Alternative Songs chart and #41 on the US Rock Songs chart, making it the band's third most successful single after "Casual Party" and "Is There a Ghost".


The song was initially rarely played in concert by the band, but has become a live standard since charting.

As with several songs from Infinite Arms, "Laredo" mentions a specific location. Bridwell explained, "Anywhere I live, the region has its effects in the writing process, or anywhere that I end up writing songs, I'm sure it seeps into the bones," although he admitted, "I'm not even sure if I know what it's about, but maybe...there was a bit of a homesickness."

He was partly inspired to write "Laredo" during his time in an isolated cabin in the woods of Minnesota, he said, "There was no one around and I could just really immerse myself and whining as loud as possible."

In the music video for the song, the intro is approximately twice as long as the version on Infinite Arms.


Infinite Arms è il terzo album discografico del gruppo musicale indie rock statunitense Band of Horses, pubblicato nel maggio 2010. La maggior parte del disco è stata registrata a Asheville. L'album ha ricevuto una nomination ai Grammy nella categoria "Best Alternative Album".

Inoltre ha raggiunto la posizione numero 7 della Billboard 200 e la numero 21 della Official Albums Chart. Ha raggiunto la "top 10" in molti altri Paesi (Danimarca, Canada, Grecia, Norvegia, Svezia).


Band of Horses, precedentemente noto come Horses, è un gruppo statunitense indie rock formatosi nel 2004 a Seattle.



Gonna take a trip to Laredo
Gonna take a dip in the lake
Oh, I'm at a crossroads with myself
I don't got no one else

And possibilities at the door
I won't be needing them anymore
Oh, is this the first time in your life?
It's hard just to get by

But oh, my love, don't you even know?
And oh, my love, are you really gone?

And can you see the world through a window?
Are you having troubles in droves?
Oh, I think the worst thing I could do
Is get back home to you

I put a bullet in my Kia Lorenzo
A kitchen knife fucked in my face
Throw me in the deep of Jenner Lake
Believe me when I say

That oh, my love, you don't even call
And oh, my love, is that you on the phone?


Farò un viaggio a Laredo
Faremo un tuffo nel lago
Oh, sono ad un bivio con me stesso
Non ho nessun altro

E possibilità alla porta
Non mi serviranno più
Oh, è la prima volta nella tua vita?
È difficile solo cavarsela

Ma oh, amore mio, non lo sai nemmeno?
E oh, amore mio, sei davvero andato?

E riesci a vedere il mondo attraverso una finestra?
Stai avendo problemi a frotte?
Oh, penso che la cosa peggiore che potessi fare
Torna a casa da te

Ho messo un proiettile nella mia Kia Lorenzo
Un coltello da cucina del cazzo in faccia
Gettami nel profondo del lago Jenner
Credimi quando dico

Che oh, amore mio, non chiami nemmeno
E oh, amore mio, sei tu al telefono?

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