Evenings – Babe

Evenings - Babe

Rui Cardo Suggestions presenta grandi classici e perle nascoste, versioni ufficiali e live ricercati.

Enjoy! 😉

Evenings - Babe

Informazioni pari a zero in tutto l'etere!

Discogs ci dice che il vero nome dietro a Evenings è Miles Haney, ed ha anche altri alias (Fause KnichtGwyllgiMiles HaneySS HelltrainWaste) ma tutti senza informazioni utili sul web. Musica strumentale elettronica e poi non riusciamo a carpire altro.

Se qualcuno ha notizie ci faccia sapere...

Miles Haney


Ann Arbor, MI, United States
Member of
Commune, Dog Day Afternoon, Evening Spyked, Failed Flowers, Lady Evenings, Miles of Birth, Sick Evenings, Taliban, Wigwam
Founder of Tapeworm Tapes
Also Known As
Evenings, Fause Knicht, SS Helltrain, Waste

Miles / Haney Dyadic

Formed in 2010, the duo behind Miles / Haney Dyadic approach everything - from music, to life, to writing autobiographies - with a simple philosophy: always use introductory participial phrases, even if it's unecessary and harms readability.  In other words: emulate, emulate, emulate!

A description of the success they've achieved with this simple approach is difficult to articulate, and beyond the scope of this autobiography.  It can only be appreciated by listening to their music and the tales that lie within.

Audio Evenings – Babe


Live 2013


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