Junction – Sorcerer

Junction - Sorcerer

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Junction - Sorcerer

Particolarissima la storia di questa canzone "Sorcerer" inesistente per tutti, soprattutto per l'ampissimo web che non riporta nessun articolo al riguardo, nonostante il brano abbia una grande potenzialità che ricorda i migliori Led Zeppelin o i Cream.

Inoltre non si trova assolutamente nulla dei Junction, band americana che nel 1973 pubblicò la canzone mentre si trovano invece pochissime informazioni su Darryl St. John, la mente del gruppo, scomparso nel 2015.


Warfaring Strangers: Darkscorch Canticles is a 2014 compilation album distributed by The Numero Group.


Pitchfork described the sound of the compilation as "mid-1970s American proto-metal" with groups who drew influence from bands such as Deep PurpleUriah Heep and Black Sabbath. The bands represented on the album were predominantly from middle America while the rest were from the southern United States.

The only exception being Triton Warrior from Toronto and Hellstorm who were the only African-American group. The groups all draw influence lyrically from the works of J.R.R. Tolkien delving into themes of sorcery, dragons, and necromancy.


Pitchfork praised the album, opining that what groups on the album

"so compelling, though, are their idiosyncratic visions of weird America." 

Stephen Thomas Erlewine (AllMusic) noted that the groups on the album suffer from solipsism, but it was part of the charm on the album as well as commenting that

"If the music isn't great – this was garage rock where there was no emphasis on hooks or melody, so it's only immediate in its attack, not its form – it's always forceful, which is a large part of its appeal.

These are bands where the point was the playing, not the song, and what's interesting is how these 16 acts adhere to a sound but never echo each other."


I Junction sono il gruppo che ha creato e in cui ha suonato Darryl St. John, morto nel 2015 a 65 anni.

Qui un tributo e una piccola biografia e  l'audio della sua canzone più famosa, Sorcerer.







Darryl St. John

Darryl St. John

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