Keaton Henson – Healah Dancing

Keaton Henson - Healah Dancing

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Keaton Henson - Healah Dancing


Romantic Works is the third studio album by English musician Keaton Henson. The album features cellist Ren Ford on the majority of songs within the album. It was released on June 16, 2014.


The album is entirely instrumental, and it features cellist Ren Ford on every song except for "Preface", "Petrichor" and "Nearly Curtains". Keaton Henson described the album's music as "bedroom classical", as it was recorded in his bedroom. The album was inspired by Arvo PärtPhilip GlassHenryk GóreckiEdward ElgarRalph Vaughan Williams and Saint-Saëns.

He said about how the songs are instrumental that "the pieces on it are the in-between moments when I found it all too much to write a clever rhyme."

He also said "as someone who writes songs about my own experience, as honestly as I can, I find myself looking for new emotional wells to draw from all the time. But over the years I have found there are certain subjects I have been unable to mine."

The second song on the album is "Elevator Song", which he said "wrote while daydreaming and thinking about a breakdown I had in an elevator in Glasgow."


The first video, for "Earnestly Yours", was released on 4 July 2014, premiering on Clash. On 2 September 2014, he released a video for "Healah Dancing".


Keaton Henson (born 24 March 1988) is an English folk rock musician, visual artist, and poet. Henson has released six studio albums (one under the name 'Behaving').

He has also released a wordless graphic novel called "Gloaming", published by Pocko, which is "essentially a field guide to a spirit world beyond our reality", and a book of poetry called "Idiot Verse". Henson suffers from anxiety and as a result, rarely plays concerts.

Keaton Henson (Londra24 marzo 1988) è un musicistapoeta e artista inglese.

Henson soffre di ansia e, per questo motivo, raramente si esibisce in pubblico.

Data la sua passione per la pittura e il disegno, ha presentato una mostra d'arte alla galleria Pertwee Anderson & Gold di Londra, nel Gennaio 2013.

Ha inoltre rilasciato un romanzo grafico, Gloaming, pubblicato da Pocko, che è "essenzialmente una guida per un mondo spirituale al di là della nostra realtà" e un libro di poesia chiamato "Idiot Verse", uscito tradotto in Italia nel novembre 2017 per Giovane Holden Edizioni.



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