The Black Keys – Tighten Up

The Black Keys - Tighten Up

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Black Keys - Tighten Up


"Tighten Up" is a song by American rock band The Black Keys. It is the third track on their 2010 album Brothers and was released as the record's first single on April 23, 2010. Dan Auerbach told The Sun how the song originated: "That was the last song we did for the record.

We had a couple of days off and so did Brian (Danger Mouse) and since we are friends and like hanging out with each other we thought it would be fun to go into the studio and see if we could come up with a tune. We always have a blast when the three of us get together."

Music video

The original music video for the song was a low budget clip starring a puppet dinosaur named Frank who is standing beside a plant. The video shows him dancing and miming the words a little, whilst subtitles go on explaining different facts about the video, the band, and Frank; e.g. "Frank has a profile on eHarmony..." "He is a puppet, not a real dinosaur."

This goes along the same direction of using sort of "obvious" or "simple" ways to say things like the album cover does; e.g. "This is a song by the Black Keys", "It's from an album called Brothers", etc. The video was made by director Chris Marrs Piliero as the label asked them to do a placeholder video for "Tighten Up" as a teaser for Brothers.

Piliero was inspired by both "stupid kid shit that could still be for adults, like Yo Gabba Gabba! and "all these weird and sometimes creepy old-school puppet stuff from the 50, 60s, 70s.", considering at first an ALF doll before settling on the dinosaur. He later made a similar teaser video for "Next Girl", where Frank interacts with bikini-clad models.

The official music video, also directed by Piliero, was released on May 18, 2010. It shows Auerbach and his fictional son walking to the park. Auerbach sits next to Carney on a bench while their fictional sons play with toy trucks. Auerbach's son looks up on the playground to see a little girl, after which he starts to lip sync to the song. He climbs up on the playground and goes in to kiss her but then he opens his eyes to realize Carney's son has lured her away.

After he attempts to kiss her, the two boys begin to fight. After Auerbach and Carney attempt in vain to break up the fight, they see the mother of the girl, played by Spanish actress Carlotta Elektra Bosch, and begin to fight like their sons. They hit each other using mostly Carney's drum kit and after the woman sees them fighting, she walks away in disgust. Their boys come to them and shake their heads at them with disappointment.


Brothers è il sesto album del duo musicale The Black Keys, pubblicato il 18 maggio 2010 dalla Nonesuch Records.

Nel 2011 i The Black Keys vincono 3 Grammy Awards per il miglior album di musica alternativa, per il miglior aspetto fisico di un album e per la migliore performance vocale rock di un gruppo, quest'ultimo per il singolo Tighten Up.

Il primo singolo estratto dall'album è stato Tighten Up. L'album ha debuttato al terzo posto della Billboard 200 con circa 73.000 vendute nella prima settimana negli Stati Uniti, diventando così l'album con il debutto di maggiore successo della band.


The Black Keys è un duo musicale statunitense formato da Daniel Auerbach (voce e chitarra) e Patrick Carney (batteria) di AkronOhio.

Dan Auerbach e Patrick Carney, nativi di Akron, si conoscono da quando sono bambini. Oltre a lavorare insieme nei primi anni del ventunesimo secolo cominciano a suonare in un duo mescolando la passione di Pat per i Devo, il noise rock e l'hip-hop con l'esperienza blues-elettrica di Dan tramandatagli da suo padre. Nel 2001 Dan prenota la sala di registrazione casalinga (nel seminterrato) di Patrick per registrare con la sua band di allora (The Barnburners).

Dato che il gruppo non si presenta Pat e Dan improvvisando composero la prima canzone dei The Black Keys.



I wanted love, i needed love
Most of all, most of all...
Someone said "rue love are dead"
But i'm bound to fall for you.

Oh what can i do?

Take my badge, but my hearts remain
Loving you, babe, child...
Tighten up on your reigns, you're running wild.

Running wild. It's true.

Sick for days...

So many ways...

I'm aching now, i'm aching now...

It's time like these, i need relief.
Please show me how, show me how...


When i was young, and moving fast,
Nothing slowed me down, slowed me down.

Now i let the other pass,
I've come around, come around.

'Couse i found.

Living just to keep going
Going just to be sane.

All the wile i know
It's such a shame.

I don't need to get steady,
I know just what to feel.

Telling me to be ready, my dear.


Volevo amore, avevo bisogno di amore
Soprattutto, soprattutto ...
Qualcuno ha detto "l'amore è morto"
Ma sono destinato a innamorarmi di te.

Oh cosa posso fare?

Prendi il mio distintivo, ma i miei cuori rimangono
Amarti, piccola, piccola ...
Stringi i tuoi regni, stai correndo.

Correre selvaggio È vero.

Malato per giorni ...

Tanti modi ...

Sono dolorante ora, mi fa male ora ...

È tempo come questi, ho bisogno di sollievo.
Per favore mostrami come, mostrami come ...


Quando ero giovane e mi muovevo velocemente,
Niente mi ha rallentato, rallentato.

Ora lascio passare l'altro,
Sono venuto in giro, vieni in giro.

'Couse ho trovato.

Vivere solo per andare avanti
Andando solo per essere sano.

Tutto il wile lo so
E 'un vero peccato.

Non ho bisogno di essere costante,
So solo cosa provare.

Dicendomi di essere pronto, mia cara.

Alternate Video


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