The Panderers – Come On

The Panderers - Come On

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The Panderers - Come On



Formed in late 2006 by Scott Wynn, a lo-fi, DIY audio home recorder, from rural Indiana via Cincinnati, Ohio. Blending rock, lounge soul and stark minimalism, The Panderers' sound is constructed of ultra-simplified guitar work, slurring bass lines and on-point percussion, all of which buoy Wynn's even-handed signature vocal. Wynn lists his strongest influences as lo-fi singer-songwriter as: Bill Callahan (musician)Daniel Johnston and Johnny Cash, he also has drawn direct influence from garage rockers Kings of Leon, "acid country house music" makers Alabama 3 and disco rockers Electric Six.


The Panderers stemmed all from a Myspace contact from Wynn to Pete McNeal, a member of Mike Doughty’s Band, an American singer-songwriter and former frontman of the band Soul Coughing through most of the 1990s before emerging as a solo artist. McNeal had also been the drummer for Cake (band) from 2001 to 2004. The two were soon contemplating an album.

McNeal shared Wynn’s demo recordings with bassist and composer Andrew “Scrap” Livingston. Being both classically trained and also possessing an equally unorthodox “greasy" upright bass style, Livingston joined the album project. Incidentally, via McNeal, Wynn crossed paths with producer and Grammy nominee, Dave Wilder. Wilder and McNeal were also joint producers in a production company that they had recently formed at the time.

In late 2006, Wynn, McNeal, Livingston and Wilder all convened at Wilderstyle Studio in California, to record what would become Songs that Bang, the first full-length album as The Panderers.

The LP was self-released from The Panderers' Myspace page, on April 25, 2007.In order to make it a true "limited-edition," The Panderers stopped selling the hand-numbered units when the serial number reach an even 1,000 and ended offering the serialized copies.

The Panderers were offered and took a showcase at the CMJ Music Marathon and Film Fest 2007.

Hotshot's Boy

In late 2007, Mike Doughty took an active interest in The Panderers. Doughty created a microlabel called "Snack Bar" in early 2008 and signed The Panderers to their first national record deal. Snack Bar released an EP consisting of five songs that were originally on Songs that Bang.

The EP was entitled Hotshot's Boy which was an early pen name for Wynn and a nickname for Wynn as a youth.

Wynn's father was from the Southeastern Kentucky coal counties and Wynn would make regular treks to his father's mountain hometown as a child. Many knew Wynn’s father only as "Hotshot" after an old school Wolfman Jack-esque radio DJ of the same name. Wynn was known to many in coal country simply as "Hotshot's Boy." Wynn was the first male in his family not to have been a coal miner.

The Hotshot's Boy EP was released by Snack Bar on March 12, 2008. On the very same day, Doughty brought The Panderers (Wynn, McNeal and Livingston) out on the road for their first national tour of the U.S. and parts of Canada.

Website last news was in December 2014.

L'Ultima notizia avuta dai Panderers è del Dicembre del 2014 ed è recuperabile tramite il webarchive qui.



Well my head is hurtin' harder
And your love is holdin' out

You've been drawin' your water from
A gasline spicket spout

Bring your bucket from the mountain
Run it up and down one side
Sit ya tight to the boney spark
And make sure that it rides

You gotta move
Come on Step up
Jump around
Step in
Get up
Stay up
Get down
Come on
Jump in
Move around
Come on
Step up
Get up
Way up
Get down
All right

Well straight bone
Straight to the head bone

Figured I'd make it light

You've got some moves of a harlot
Movin' it to the night

Shakin' your rattle and a rat tale tater
Put your dollars down in the jar

Drive on home to your mama,
In your brand new borrowed car


Come on
I ain't gettin' to fancy with you
You've got to figure out just what you gonna do

Raise yourself from the ground and stand
We got news

Well my head is hurtin harder
And your's is lookin' rough

The words your sprouting and the
Things your shoutin' are makin' me tough

I got love in my love for you
Tell you what I'm gonna do
Gonna call you on the 4th of June
And tell you what is new


Come on! (x4)


Beh, mi fa molto male la testa
E il tuo amore sta resistendo

Hai attinto la tua acqua
Un beccuccio del gasdotto

Porta il tuo secchio dalla montagna
Eseguilo su e giù da un lato
Siediti stretto alla scintilla ossuta
E assicurati che cavalchi

Devi muoverti
Dai, intensifica
Stai alzato
Saltare nel
Fai un passo avanti
In alto
Tutto ok

Bene osso dritto
Dritto all'osso della testa

Ho pensato di renderlo leggero

Hai alcune mosse di una prostituta
Muovendolo verso la notte

Scuoti il ​​tuo sonaglio e un ristoratore di fiabe
Metti i tuoi dollari nel barattolo

Guida a casa da tua mamma,
Nella tua nuova auto in prestito


Non ho intenzione di immaginarmi con te
Devi capire cosa farai

Sollevati da terra e alzati
Abbiamo notizie

Bene, mi fa male la testa
E il tuo è duro

Le parole che spuntano e il
Le cose che stai urlando mi stanno rendendo duro

Ho l'amore nel mio amore per te
Ti dico cosa farò
Ti chiamerò il 4 giugno
E ti dico cosa c'è di nuovo


Dai! (X4)


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