Urban Species – Spiritual Love

Urban Species Spiritual Love

Perle Dimenticabili tira fuori pezzi deprecabili e assurdi, trovati conservati, per strani motivi, nel mio personale etere.

Vediamo oggi cosa tiriamo fuori...

Urban Species - Spiritual Love

Un po' combattuto a pubblicare questo video nei "dimenticabili", come molte altre canzoni trascurabili già pubblicate fa parte del mio periodo adolescenziale, ma questa non riesco a definirla veramente deprecabile, la cantante (probabilmente tale Chezeré) è molto brava e il ritmo è azzeccato per il tipo di canzone che definirei come hip hop buonista (antecedente a quello dei Black Eyed Peas). Fatto sta che ho deciso di farla fuori dal mio archivio di canzoni... non trovo stimoli per riascoltarla!

Urban Species released their debut album – Listen – in May 1994. The band had extended the musicality of their concerts to their recording sessions, incorporating live instruments alongside the samples and programming, and going for a spacious, organic feel to the album atmospheres. Listen included the earlier single 'Gotta Have It' as well as 'Hide And Seek'. It also produced three more singles – the title track (featuring singer Chezeré), 'Spiritual Love' and 'Brother'. The latter two were hits, and the album received wide critical acclaim.

Over the next eighteen months, the band continued to develop their profile. They became successful in continental Europe (particularly in France) and maintained their inroads into the USA via New York, where they had developed an underground following considerable airplay and an acclaimed performance at the 1994 New Music Seminar. Aiming for a truly international approach, the band also toured the Far East and Africa, where they continued to befriend other musicians and educate themselves.

Urban Species is a British hip-hop band, best known for several hit singles during the 1990s. The band's music draws on a diverse range of influences (including reggaebluesfunkdubjazzragga and acoustic folk) and combines live playing with samples and programming, resulting in an organic sound that has sometimes been compared to a British version of Arrested Development. The band's music is frequently associated with the acid jazz movement of the mid-1990s.

Effective leader has been Peter "Mintos" Akinrinlola, but line-up has at various times included producers, rappers and many of the best musicians from London funk and jazz-funk scenes. Most notably collaborations: Terry Callier and Imogen Heap.



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