Half Japanese – Miracles Happen Every Day

Half Japanese - Miracles Happen Every Day

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Half Japanese - Miracles Happen Every Day


Charmed Life is the sixth album released by the punk rock group Half Japanese in 1988. It is their second studio album released on their label, 50 Skidillion Watts.

The eighth song, "Bright Lights, Big City", was originally sung and recorded by the American blues musician Jimmy Reed in 1961.


Half Japanese is an American art punk band formed by brothers Jad and David Fair around 1975, sometime after the family's relocation to Uniontown, Maryland.

Their original instrumentation included a small drum set, which they took turns playing; vocals; and an out-of-tune, distorted guitar. Both Fair brothers sang, although over time Jad moved into the frontman role. The band members are John Sluggett (guitar), Gilles-Vincent Rieder (drums), Jason Willett (bass), Mick Hobbs (guitar), and Jad Fair (vocals and guitar).

Half Japanese sono un gruppo rock statunitense formato nel 1975 a Uniontown, Maryland da Jad Fair (voce e chitarra) e David Fair (chitarra, percussioni), due fratelli originari del Michigan.



Miracles happen everyday.
I saw you down by the river.
I’d seen your face 1000 times before.
Even though I’ve never met you.
I see you every night in my dreams.
I believe in fate. Do you see that star?
The littlest one in the sky.
That one was put there for you and I
And it drew us both here tonight.
Together at last.
Lets talk
about love.
Lets kiss and talk about you.
Lets kiss and talk about me.
And then we’ll kiss and kiss and talk about we.

Suddenly I’m completely changed.
I always thought love would change things and now I know.
But I never though It’d be like this.
I’m so glad I found you everything is better now.
Miracles happen every day.


I miracoli accadono ogni giorno.
Ti ho visto lungo il fiume.
Avevo visto la tua faccia 1000 volte prima.
Anche se non ti ho mai incontrato.
Ti vedo ogni notte nei miei sogni.
Credo nel destino. Vedi quella stella?
La più piccola nel cielo.
Quella è stato messo lì per te e per me
E ci ha attirati entrambi stasera.
Alla fine insieme.
Parliamo d'amore.
baciamoci e parliamo di te.
baciamoci e parliamo di me.
E poi ci baceremo e baceremo e parleremo di noi.

All'improvviso sono completamente cambiato.
Ho sempre pensato che l'amore avrebbe cambiato le cose e ora lo so.
Ma non avrei mai pensato che sarebbe stato così.
Sono così felice di averti trovato tutto meglio ora.
I miracoli accadono ogni giorno.

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