Patrick James – Bugs

Patrick James - Bugs

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Patrick James - Bugs

Strana la storia di Patrick James, si trovano pochissime informazioni su di lui su internet, dopo aver vinto The Voice in Irlanda ha tirato fuori canzoni interessanti, come questa segnalata ("Bugs"), ma non ha avuto alcun particolare seguito, il sito web infine non è raggiungibile e la pagina Facebook ha appena 12mila follower.


Patrick James Donoghue is an Irish musician and recording artist with Universal Music. Originally from Dublin, Donoghue was a checkout worker at Dunnes Stores who rose to fame with winning series 4 of the talent show The Voice of Ireland, becoming the fourth consecutive male to win the title, as well as the first ever champion under new coach Una Foden of The Saturdays.

Months after his success, he revealed to the public that he had changed his stage name to Patrick James, as he felt it suited him more as an artist.

In The Voice of Ireland

Patrick Donoghue auditioned for series 4 of The Voice of Ireland singing "Red" from Daniel Merriweather turning all four chairs. He also was the first auditionee selected. He chose to be part of Team Una Foden. In the Battles round, he was paired with fellow contestant Kieran McKillop co-singing "You Give Me Something" and moved to Knockouts round singing "Mamma Knows Best" and was safe.

In the quarter finals, he performed "Only Love Can Hurt Like This" and in the semi-final "Ain't Nobody" in both instances being saved by the public.

He performed "Man in The Mirror" in the Finals  and a repetition of "Mamma Knows Best" and was crowned The Voice of Ireland 2015 on 26 April. The cover was then released on iTunes.


After win, he announced he was going to use the name Patrick James. His debut single "Redemption Days", a cover of Josh Osho, premiered on The Anton Savage Show on Today FM on 17 June 2015. This was seen as an important change for The Voice of Ireland, as past winners were criticised for waiting too long for their release, alongside an album.

The single was then released for digital download on 17 July. The song was promoted with a performance on Saturday Night with Miriam on 11 July 2015. Patrick says that he would like to release an album, but that the album's release depends on the success of "Redemption Days".

He has stated that if he releases an album, he would definitely include a collaboration with The Voice coach Una Healy on it. With the song being a commercial failure, the album has not been released as of December 2015. Patrick James was catapulted into the limelight thanks to widely praised singles ‘Covered In Rain’, ‘California Song, and standout selection ‘Bugs’.



You caught me on the seaside waiting for love to spread its love
You caught me on the roadside trying to find my way back home
look up to the ceiling of that open sky its blue
Thought you didn't know it trying to rewind you of our youth

But the bugs are getting in between my ears
and then they're crawling on my face
It seems to be a different thing
So we fight hard and we fight strong
We take it down from deep within
Far below the big blue sea
Where the whales and creatures swim


Mi hai beccato in riva al mare aspettando che l'amore diffondesse il suo amore
Mi hai sorpreso sul ciglio della strada mentre cercavo di tornare a casa
guarda il soffitto di quel cielo aperto, il suo blu
Pensavo non lo sapessi mentre cercavi di riavvolgere la nostra giovinezza

Ma gli insetti si stanno avvicinando tra le mie orecchie
e poi mi strisciano sulla faccia
Sembra essere una cosa diversa
Quindi combattiamo duramente e combattiamo forte
Lo prendiamo dal profondo
Lontano sotto il grande mare blu
Dove nuotano le balene e le creature




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