Patrick Watson – Lighthouse

Patrick Watson - Lighthouse

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Patrick Watson - Lighthouse


Lighthouse is present in Adventures in Your Own Backyard is the fourth studio album by Canadian musician Patrick Watson, released in April 2012. It is the band's follow-up to the Polaris Music Prize-nominated 2009 release Wooden Arms, but by comparison is a musically simpler and more emotional album.

Recording and production

Adventures in Your Own Backyard was recorded almost entirely in a home studio next door to Watson's apartment in the Plateau neighbourhood of Montreal, Quebec.

The location was chosen for several reasons: the band wanted to return to the city after several years of touring, they felt that they would produce their best work by avoiding the time constraint and stress of recording in a professional studio, and it also allowed Watson to care for his two young children in between recording sessions.

According to drummer Robbie Kuster, the relaxed and informal environment "really let [the band] dig in to the writing and the arranging" of the album. However, the album's title refers to more than just the physical location of where it was recorded; as Watson explains,

"We did record it in our backyard, so there’s that aspect, but to me, backyard means the people you have around in the back of your head, not where you have your barbecues. Everyone has their own definition of what a backyard means, and I also think that after seeing so much while travelling, it was exotic to come home and pay attention to the details of where we live."

Though the band is named after its lead singer, Watson, he maintains that "when people say 'Patrick Watson' I don’t think of me... I think of an entity" and has cited the track "Morning Sheets" as an example of a song whose tune was written by someone else (Kuster and Mishka Stein).


Patrick Watson (born 1979) is a Canadian singer-songwriter from MontrealQuebec.

It also refers to the eponymous band formed by Watson, whose blend of cabaret pop and classical music influences with indie rock has been compared to Rufus Wainwright, Andrew BirdNick DrakeJeff Buckley and Pink Floyd for its experimental musicianship. Patrick Watson's album Close to Paradise was awarded the Polaris Music Prize in 2007.

Patrick Watson (MontrĂ©al, 1979) è un cantautore canadese.


Nato in California e cresciuto a Hudson (Quebec), frequenta il Lower Canada College ed inizia a lavorare come analista dell'acqua presso una ditta della città. La sua carriera musicale nasce ai tempi del college, in una band ska chiamata Gangster Politics.



Leave a light on in the wild
'Cause I'm coming in
A little blind
Dreamer of a lighthouse in the woods
Shining a little light to bring us back home

When to find you in the backyard
Hiding behind our busy lives
Dreaming of a lighthouse in the woods
To help us get back into the world

'Cause I know
I've seen you before
Won't you shine
Ah, a little light, ah
Ah, on us now

Won't you shine a little light
In your own backyard
Won't you shine a little light
In your own backyard

Dreaming of a lighthouse in the woods


Lascia una luce accesa in natura
Perché sto entrando
Un po 'cieco
Sognatore di un faro nel bosco
Splende un po 'di luce per riportarci a casa

Quando trovarti nel cortile di casa
Nascondendosi dietro le nostre vite indaffarate
Sognando un faro nel bosco
Per aiutarci a tornare nel mondo

Perché lo so
Ti ho visto prima
Non brillerai
Ah, un po 'di luce, ah
Ah, su di noi adesso

Non brillerai un po 'di luce
Nel tuo cortile
Non brillerai un po 'di luce
Nel tuo cortile

Sognando un faro nel bosco


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