Yakamoto Kotzuga – All These Things I Used To Have

Yakamoto Kotzuga - All These Things I Used To Have

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Yakamoto Kotzuga - All These Things I Used To Have


In 2014 Yakamoto Kotzuga published the single All These Things I Used To Have.


Yakamoto Kotzuga, pseudonym for Giacomo Mazzucato (Venice, 10 January 1994), is an Italian musician, composer and record producer.


The eclectic young artist studied at the Conservatorium of Venice.

He began his career in 2013 with:

  • The EP, “Rooms of Emptiness” published by Bad Panda Records
  • The EP, “Lost Keys & Stolen Kisses” for the French of Highlife Recordings

He worked on a few musical productions for the rappers Ghemon and Mecna, with various remixes and collaborations, such as “Your Smell” chosen as the soundtrack for Vogue's news report at Paris Fashion Week.

In 2014 he also won an artistic residence in Fabrica, at the communication research centre for the Benetton Group. There he worked as a composer and sound designer, creating soundtracks for documentaries, installations and commercial spots for the brand.

In 2015:

  • He signed a contract for exclusive publishing with Sugar, one of the most important independent publishers in Europe, which gives the young musician and producer access to his own Italian and international network.
  • Published his debut album "Usually Nowhere" for La Tempesta International/Sugar, which gave him the chance to share the stage with artists, such as Forest SwordsTychoPlaid, Lone, Jhon TalabotLegowelt and many others.
  • He published the single "Futile", which became the soundtrack to the first Italian experiment of videoclips created entirely with the technology of usable virtual reality at 360° and produced by Cattleya.
  • He worked with well known figures in the fashion industry, such as Chiara Boni, for whom he created -in October 2015– the official set for the New York Fashion Week show.

In 2016 he published his single "T.H.R.U.".




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