Blessid Union Of Souls – I Believe

Blessid Union Of Souls - I Believe

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Blessid Union Of Souls - I Believe

Tipico one shot degli anni 90 presente nelle varie compilation dell'epoca e chiaramente al Festivalbar del 1995. Non risultano però video dell'esibizione in Italia, forse il brano era presente solo nel supporto fisico e non è andato in onda nei celebri playback di Mediaset degli anni 90.


"I Believe" is a single by the American alternative rock band Blessid Union of Souls from their 1995 debut album Home. It is one of their most popular songs, and their highest-charting in the United States, reaching number 8 on the Billboard Hot 100.

The song was written after vocalist Eliot Sloan's girlfriend "Lisa" was forced by her father to stop dating Sloan because of his race.


According to the "I Believe Story" from Blessid Union of Souls's compilation album Almost Acoustic (Volume 1), the song was written by vocalist Eliot Sloan in the early morning when he imagined the main piano sample which would be used in the song and then played it.

I always tell people, and it's the truth, 'I Believe' was written in the middle of the night at about three in the morning. I always used to live in downtown Cincinnati, a really cool spiral staircase up to my bedroom, which kind of ended up as my studio. I kept a piano there that my mother got me when I was nine. In the middle of the night I was hearing the melody and I thought, 'this is pretty.' I just had to get up and play it.

Eliot Sloan stated in an interview with The Celebrity Cafe that he wrote the song about his relationship with "Lisa", a girl he once dated. Lisa's father allegedly threatened to cut off her college tuition if she continued to see Eliot. They said good-bye and went their separate ways.

He said that he still very much missed her, and placed a message in the liner notes of Home: "Lisa, give me a call sometime just to say hello, my number is still the same."


The song is about the lack of love in the world. In an interview with, Eliot Sloan said "when I sing 'Love will find a way,' I mean 'God will find a way,'" and that he has always believed that "God is love". While the song uses fairly subtle Christian themes, as do many of the band's songs, they tried to make it not sound too preachy.

Eliot Sloan

Well, it's like... when we did that song, we were just like... there were so many things going on in society. We just wanted to do something positive. We just wanted to touch on a lot of points that society seems to be having a little trouble with as a whole. Racism was one of the things we wanted to distill in the song.

So we were like, wanted to mention something about a relationship that I was in that people could relate to. It's really cool because a lot of people have been really relating to that. A lot of people have been in relationships where their parents or their friends didn't want them seeing this other person for whatever reason, whether it was race, religion or background, or whatever.

We just really believe that love is the answer to this stuff. Without it trying to sound hokey or whatever that's just the honest to good answer. I'm a witness to that. I get along with anybody who's open minded, and who has an open heart to things. That's the same with everybody in this band. We've all got different backgrounds and we all agree on the same things.

This is just one of them. There doesn't have to be this much tension out there. There really doesn't. We feel like it's very unnecessary in a lot of situations. We just wanted to install some hope in people and hopefully people will listen to the lyrics and get that out of the song."

— Eliot Sloan, in an interview with the Celebrity Cafe.

On the edited version for radio, the word "nigger" in the third verse is replaced with "brother".

Music video

A music video was made for "I Believe". It shows the band members singing the song, interspersed with footage representing the ideas of the song.

Critical reception

In a review of Home by Allmusic, staff writer Tom Demalon said that the song "revealed the band to have more of a social conscience than similar acts such as Hootie & the Blowfish through the spiritually tinged lyrics." In a review by Rolling Stone, staff writer Paul Evans called the song "all righteous, wide-eyed affirmation".


Home is the debut studio album by the American alternative rock band Blessid Union of Souls. It was released on March 21, 1995 on the EMI label. The album contains their biggest hit single, "I Believe", which reached #8 on the Billboard Hot 100.


Blessid Union of Souls (sometimes abbreviated to Blessid Union or BUOS) is an American alternative rock band from Cincinnati, Ohio that was formed in 1990 by friends Jeff Pence and Eliot Sloan.

The band's first studio album, Home, had some success which lay with its lead single, "I Believe". The song popularized the band with local-area DJs and is the group's most successful song. Their second album, the self-titled Blessid Union of Souls, did not have nearly the success of Home, but their third album, Walking Off the Buzz, spawned the hit single "Hey Leonardo (She Likes Me for Me)".

After the release of their greatest-hits album, Blessid Union of Souls: The Singles, which actually collected more outtakes and B-sides than previous hits, they released Perception. The band's sixth album, Close to the Edge, was released in 2008.

Blessid Union of Souls sono un gruppo musicale rock statunitense formatosi in Ohio nel 1990. Il loro primo singolo I Believe (1995) è quello più famoso.

La loro canzone Brother, My Brother è stata inserita nella colonna sonora del primo film Pokémon, Mewtwo colpisce ancora.





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