Hannah Miller – Promise Land

Hannah Miller - Promise Land

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Hannah Miller - Promise Land


Hannah Miller writes dark and soothing music that in the words of one perceptive listener “gives you half a feeling of happiness and half of loneliness”.

Her dark, ambient style has been heard on shows such as This Is Us (seasons one and two), Station 19, Sons of AnarchyThe Following and Pretty Little Liars as well as in several indie films (Little Women, Trash Fire, June Adrift, The Staying Kind, Other Versions of You) and in national advertising campaigns for companies like Pitney Bowes and DSW.

She recently finished a couple of tours as support for the folk duo The Secret Sisters and released her 3rd full length record March 6, 2018 on boutique label Sorted Noise. She currently continues to write and release music regularly.



Darkness at my door
Knock knock on my door
Left the light burning through the night
Praying for the morn

Heaven hold my hand
Still my trembling hand
Oh my lord must have dropped my sword
Somewhere in the sinking sand

Now I'm stumbling
Towards the promise land

Weary of this fight
This long and lonesome fight
Every step I take I feel farther way
Can't get it right

(chorus) (x2)


Oscurità alla mia porta
Bussa bussa alla mia porta
Ha lasciato la luce che bruciava per tutta la notte
Prego per la mattina

Cielo tienimi per mano
Ancora la mia mano tremante
Oh mio signore deve aver lasciato cadere la mia spada
Da qualche parte nella sabbia che affonda

Ora sto inciampando
Verso la terra promessa

Stanca di questa lotta
Questa lunga e solitaria lotta
Ogni passo che faccio mi sento più lontana
Non riesco a farlo bene

(rit.) (x2)


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