James Vincent McMorrow – Cavalier

James Vincent McMorrow - Cavalier

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James Vincent McMorrow - Cavalier


Cavalier fa parte del secondo album di James Vincent McMorrow.


Post Tropical is the second full-length album by the Irish singer-songwriter James Vincent McMorrow. It marks a move away from the largely acoustic indie folk of his 2010 debut Early in the Morning, towards a more soulful direction, and the inclusion of electronic instruments such as a Roland TR-808, brass and strings, combined with hip-hop beats and 1960s soul influences.

The album was preceded in October 2013 by the single and album opening track "Cavalier". The single's video was directed by Irish director Aoife McArdle, one of three short films she made for the album.

Asked about the dramatic change in direction, McMorrow admitted that he consciously sought to move away from the sound of his debut, and had no interest in repeating himself. He believes that musicians have a responsibility "to make new and interesting things. And not just go, 'Well that works, so I'm just gonna...'"

The song "Glacier" was included in a Spanish Christmas Lottery ('El Gordo') advert, aired in November 2014, in which someone who hadn't bought a lottery ticket from the bar he always went to, tears up when the barman charges him with 21 euros; "1 for the coffee and 20 for this lottery ticket"


The album was recorded in 2013 in the small desert town of Tornillo, 55 miles south of El Paso in Texas. The studio is located on a pecan farm, and McMorrow found the location "the most surreal place to work", and one that helped add to the tone of the album and inspire his creativity.

He said "I think it's kind of engrained in the record, more than any pinpointed thing. I can hear the hot bedded air in this part. You can hear the birds in the pianos."

Critical reception

Post Tropical has been met with generally positive reviews. At Alternative Press, Mischa Pearlman rated the album four stars, writing that "his half-raspy, half-angelic vocals repeat in icy desperation", and this "makes you want to freeze to death." In addition, Pearlman noting that on the album he "demonstrates both his versatility and magnificence by wrapping his voice around 10 delicate but different songs."

On January 10, Tony Clayton-Lea of The Irish Times described "McMorrow's falsetto voice (in 'Cavalier' too), which is used to such good effect that you're sometimes left almost breathless" and wondered if it marked "an album of the Year so early into 2014". Writing in The Guardian, Harriet Gibsone describes an "incredibly beautiful record...woozy Americana", and a sound "so sweetly sentimental it makes Alt-J sound like NWA".

A number of critics have drawn comparison to the experimentation of James Blake and Bon Iver's second album.


James Vincent McMorrow (born 14 January 1983) is an Irish singer and songwriter. He is best known for his albums Early in the Morning and Post Tropical (Cavalier is a single in this album).

James Vincent McMorrow (Dublino14 gennaio 1983) è un cantautore e musicista irlandese.



Speak until the dust
Settles in the same specific place
Light refused to go
Drink it from a cast and iron plate
Instead of cold milk
Was offered unripe
Instead of silence
Considered craven

Nothing made it seem
Hidden where the aging soil was pure
Pressed against the crease
Mountains become fragrant at the source
How can you stand this
Exotic angle
I read it somewhere
That they would lie still

I remember how cloth hung
Flexing with the forest clung
Half waist and high raised arms
Kicking at the slightest form
I remember my first love (x2)

Unrelied I was called
Missing teeth out of favour
Nickel beach it was all
Gathering by the sundial

I woke hard
I woke heavy
For the half way stop
Five whole hours in
When I woke hard
I woke heavy with the live or parts



I remember my first love


Parla fino alla polvere
Si deposita nello stesso posto specifico
La luce ha rifiutato di andare
Bevilo da una piastra di ghisa e ferro
Invece di latte freddo
È stato offerto acerbo
Invece del silenzio
Considerato codardo

Niente l'ha fatto sembrare così
Nascosto dove il suolo invecchiato era puro
Premuto contro la piega
Le montagne diventano friabili alla fonte
Come puoi sopportarlo
Angolo esotico
L'ho letto da qualche parte
Che mentirebbe ancora

Ricordo come appendeva il tessuto
Flettendo con la foresta aggrappata
Mezza vita e braccia sollevate
Calci alla minima forma
Ricordo il mio primo amore (x2)

Non fidato fui chiamato
Manca i denti per favore
La spiaggia di nichel era tutto
Riunione dalla meridiana

Mi sono svegliato duramente
Mi sono svegliato pesante
Per la fermata a metà strada
Cinque ore intere dentro
Quando mi sono svegliato duramente
Mi sono svegliato duramente con il resta o parti



Ricordo il mio primo amore

Live 2014

Live 2014

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