The Boxer Rebellion – Misplaced

The Boxer Rebellion - Misplaced

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The Boxer Rebellion - Misplaced


Union is the second album by The Boxer Rebellion, released worldwide on January 11, 2009, only through iTunes.

The track "Silent Movie" stops at around 4:30 leaving 39 seconds of silence at the end of the track.

The track "Semi-Automatic" featured on a Waterloo episode in 2009. Misplaced is one of the songs on the album.

A physical release has been available since September 14 (UK) and September 11 (ROI). It is available in physical format, exclusively at HMV stores in Canada and has been so since 7 July 2009.


The Boxer Rebellion is an international indie band formed in London, United Kingdom in 2001, consisting of Tennessee-native Nathan Nicholson (vocals, guitar, keyboards) and Englishmen Andrew Smith (lead guitar), Adam Harrison (bass guitar), and Piers Hewitt (drums).

They have so far released an eponymous EP, six studio albums, Exits (2005), Union (2009), The Cold Still (2011), Promises (2013), Ocean by Ocean (2016) and Ghost Alive (2018), as well as a compilation album, B-Sides & Rarities Collection, Vol. 1 & 2 (2012).

The Boxer Rebellion sono un gruppo musicale indie rock formatosi a Londra nel 2001.

The Boxer Rebellion - Misplaced



Given chances you won't take
Shy away from the heart ache
Just a means to an end

Your quick fix
In the ring of the conflict
With nothing to work with
And nothing in mind

And then
We'll rise
With fire in our eyes
And take you by surprise
Make up, decieve
A voice to recieve
A light that never leaves

Slow right down

Lost love
With little to speak of
These feelings of bad blood
Must go quickly away

Your loose ends
Realising your true friends
In a war that no one wins
Let the sleeping dogs lie


Fuori luogo
Date le possibilità che non rischierai
Timido dal dolore al cuore
Solo un mezzo per raggiungere un fine

La tua soluzione rapida
Sul ring del conflitto
Con niente su cui lavorare
E niente in mente

E poi
Ci alzeremo
Con il fuoco nei nostri occhi
E prenderti di sorpresa
Trucco, inganno
Una voce da ricevere
Una luce che non esce mai


Amore perduto
Con poco di cui parlare
Questi sentimenti di cattivo sangue
Deve andare via rapidamente

Le tue estremità sciolte
Realizzare i tuoi veri amici
In una guerra che nessuno vince
Lascia che i cani che dormono mentano

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