The Temper Trap – Where Do We Go From Here

The Temper Trap - Where Do We Go From Here

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The Temper Trap - Where Do We Go From Here


The Temper Trap is the second studio album by the Australian indie rock band of the same name, The Temper Trap, released in Australia through Liberation Music on 18 May 2012. A deluxe edition of the album was also released on iTunes Store, containing three bonus tracks: "Want", "The Trouble with Pain" and "Everybody Leaves in the End".

It is the band's first album as a five-piece since Joseph Greer was added as a permanent member of the band.


The Temper Trap received mixed reviews from critics. According to the website Metacritic, which assigns a weighted mean rating out of 100 to reviews from mainstream critics, the album received an average review score of 56/100, based on 13 reviews, which indicates "mixed or average reviews".

Matt Collar wrote a favorable review for AllMusic, stating "there's something less catchy about these tracks, but make no mistake, each song makes that wait well worth it, with a meticulous arrangement that pays off at exactly the right moment." 

Cameron Adams wrote a positive review for Herald Sun, analysing that "Unlike their debut Conditions, this album requires repeated listening and patience before it charms you. But in taking just enough risks while still serving up a safety net in that all-important hit, The Temper Trap should have effectively protected themselves from that dreaded second album syndrome."

A mixed review came from NME's Jamie Fullerton, who wrote that "this is a vision-free second album that sounds like a band who have nothing close to 'Sweet Disposition' in their arsenal. Instead of bashing critics away with brilliant tunes, they find themselves defining faceless bluster-rock."

However he did comment that "The one great moment is the sweeping 'Trembling Hands', which is shaped enough like Keane's equally amazing 'Bedshaped' to hold the attention." Alexis Petridis of The Guardian wrote a negative review, saying that "for all Mandagi's pained sincerity – and he makes Chris Martin sound like a smirking ironist doing inverted commas with his fingers every other line – it all sounds weirdly hollow: music as a means to an end."

The Temper Trap è il secondo album dei The Temper Trap. Where Do We Go From Here fa parte dell'album.


The Temper Trap is an Australian indie rock band formed in 2005 by Dougy Mandagi, Jonathon Aherne, and Toby Dundas.

In 2008, the group relocated from Melbourne to London. The band released their debut album Conditions in June 2009 to favourable reviews and commercial success; it peaked at No. 9 on the ARIA Albums Chart and into the top 30 on the UK Albums Chart. Its lead single, "Sweet Disposition", peaked in the top 10 on the BelgianIrish and UK Singles Charts and reached No. 14 on the ARIA Singles Chart.

At the ARIA Music Awards of 2010 in November, The Temper Trap won Best Group and Most Popular Australian Single for "Sweet Disposition". Their eponymous second album was released in late May/early June 2012 under Liberation Music (AUS), Infectious Records (UK) and Glassnote Records (US).

The album won the band Best Rock Album, and they also won Best Group at the 2012 ARIA Awards. In October 2013 guitarist Lorenzo Sillitto left the band, during the recording of the third album.

The Temper Trap sono un gruppo musicale australiano formatosi nel 2005, arrivato al successo nel 2009 con il singolo Sweet Disposition, estratto dal loro album d'esordio Conditions.


La band nasce nel 2005. Dougy, il cantante, e Toby, il batterista, lavoravano in un negozio d'abbigliamento e, trovandosi spesso a parlare di musica, un giorno decisero di cominciare a fare qualche jam insieme. Poco tempo dopo si aggiunse un chitarrista e poi Jony, l'attuale bassista. In seguito si unì a loro Lorenzo Sillitto, il quale lavorava in un negozio di musica.

I The Temper Trap iniziarono a farsi conoscere tra il 2008 e i primi mesi del 2009, esibendosi in festival musicali e manifestazioni in giro per il mondo. Nel marzo del 2009 finirono di registrare il loro album di debutto, Conditions, prodotto da Jim Abbiss, già produttore di artisti come Arctic Monkeys e Kasabian.



A pretty picture paints a thousand words
I'll look at yours today
It's been a while, the dust has long set in
You still look the same

So, where do we go from here?
Where do we go from here? (x3)

Years have gone and time has healed

You words were casual but longing for
For me or someone else
What could have driven you to think of all
I let go with much tears

So, where do we go from here?
Where do we go from here?
How do I know what's real?
Where do we go from here?

Years have gone and time has healed
Tell me now, just how to feel
Where do we go when all the roads are under
Where do we go,
so many chances pass us by
Where do we go, what now when I am married, oh
But don't go, how can I let you in

Where do we go from here?
Where do we go from here?


Una bella immagine dipinge più di mille parole
Guarderò il tuo oggi
È passato un po 'di tempo, la polvere si è depositata da tempo
Sembri ancora lo stesso

Quindi, dove andiamo da qui?
Dove andiamo da qui? (x3)

Sono passati anni e il tempo è guarito

Le tue parole erano casuali ma bramano
Per me o per qualcun altro
Cosa potrebbe averti spinto a pensare a tutto
Ho lasciato andare molte lacrime

Quindi, dove andiamo da qui?
Dove andiamo da qui?
Come faccio a sapere cosa è reale?
Dove andiamo da qui?

Sono passati anni e il tempo è guarito
Dimmi ora, proprio come sentirmi
Dove andiamo quando tutte le strade sono sotto
Dove andiamo,
così tante possibilità ci passano accanto
Dove andiamo, e adesso quando sono sposato, oh
Ma non andare, come posso farti entrare

Dove andiamo da qui?
Dove andiamo da qui?


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