The Veils – Lavinia

The Veils - Lavinia

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The Veils - Lavinia


The Runaway Found is The Veils debut album, released on 16 February 2004. It was preceded by several singles, from "More Heat Than Light" (November 2002) to "The Wild Son" (January 2004).

The last single "Lavinia" was released in November 2003, alongside a first promotional version of the album which featured a different running order and track list. In fact "...& One of Us Must Go" and "Wires to Flying Birds" did not make the final version and were later replaced by "The Wild Son" and "The Valleys of New Orleans".

Because of its long gestation (the recording sessions started straight after the band's first deal with Blanco Y Negro in 2001) the record has three different producers: Matthew Ollivier (tracks 3, 4, 6, 9, 10), Bernard Butler (tracks 1, 2, 5, 8) and Ken Nelson (track 7). The fourth song on the set, "More Heat Than Light", gives credits to Finn's father Barry Andrews as co-author.

According to the booklet notes the last song of the set, "The Nowhere Man", is taken from the 1954 novel by C.S. Lewis "The Horse and His Boy". The song "Vicious Traditions" was featured during the end credits of the 2007 film Mr. Brooks.

The Runaway Found è l'album di debutto dei The Veils, uscito nel 2004.


The Veils are a London-based indie/alternative band fronted by lead singer and songwriter Finn Andrews. Head of Rough Trade Records Geoff Travis has referred to Finn as "a young but maturing real artist in the vein of Nick Cave and David Bowie".

The Veils sono una band indie Neozelandese nata a Londra nel 2001.

Il frontman è Finn Andrews, figlio di Barry Andrews, ex tastierista di XTC e League of Gentlemen e fondatore del gruppo Shriekback. Finn è nato a BrixtonLondra nel 1983, con origini però che fanno riferimento a AucklandNuova Zelanda.



See my love is asleep on the floor
in a pose that's familiar
See my sun will send you to war
If the battles won't kill you

I've a change in mind
calling all the time

But I don't want to live at your side
Though the rose is vermilion
Cause I find it so hard to survive
Without when within you

my sweet Lavinia
my sweet Lavinia

all the years buried under the floors
and the wounds in the parlour
would have come up to greet us before
if it werent for my heart cause

i've her name in mind
calling all the time

my sweet Lavinia
my sweet
my sweet Lavinia
my sweet


Vedi il mio amore è addormentato sul pavimento
in una posa che è familiare
Vedi, il mio sole ti manderà in guerra
Se le battaglie non ti uccideranno

Ho un cambiamento in mente
per tutto il tempo

Ma non voglio vivere al tuo fianco
Sebbene la rosa sia vermiglio
Perché trovo così difficile sopravvivere
Senza quando dentro di te

la mia dolce Lavinia
la mia dolce Lavinia

tutti gli anni sepolti sotto i pavimenti
e le ferite nel salotto
sarebbe venuto a salutarci prima
se fosse per causa del mio cuore

ho in mente il suo nome
per tutto il tempo

la mia dolce Lavinia
mia dolce
la mia dolce Lavinia
mia dolce

Live 2019 Feat. Valentina Del Re


Live 2005

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